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topseos.co.uk Awards Cresco SEO as the Fourth Best SEO Company in the United Kingdom for March 2014

(PRWEB) March 26, 2014

topseos.co.uk, the independent authority on internet marketing, has released the ratings of the top search marketing consultants in the United Kingdom citing Cresco SEO the fourth top search marketing consultant for March 2014. Internet marketing consultants are placed through a meticulous process for analyzing search marketing consultants based on their primary strengths.

Search marketing companies are put through the topseos.co.uk original evaluation process in order to establish which companies in the UK offer the best overall solution. Companies are selected based on merit determined by achievement in the evaluation process. This process consists of the use of a set of evaluation verticals, discussing with client references, and performing various market and industry research projects.

The independent investigation team spends time analyzing the internet marketing industry as a whole to better understand how performing search marketing services in the UK influence the industry. Time is spent visiting various trade shows to obtain a wider apprehending of the industry and to connect directly with search marketing services in a neutral setting. Customer references are often used as another metric to identify which search marketing services produce the best solutions.

The rankings are released monthly to assist businesses in selecting a top contesting SEO firm in the UK. Cresco SEO has been featured in the list due to their competent services identified through the proprietary examination process. Thousands of search marketing companies are considered each month but only the truly best are considered for the rankings.

About Cresco SEO

Cresco SEO is an international company based on the United Kingdom with a long established business history in search engine optimisation. They provide SEO consultancy and very affordable SEO services. Their goal is to use SEO analysis and tools to take brick and mortar or online businesses to the top of Google and other search engines so customers can easily find them online.

About topseos.co.uk

topseos.co.uk is an online organizer of independent reviews and ratings in the United Kingdom. The ratings of the top internet marketing companies are released monthly to assist businesses in connecting with SEO companies which feature a history of effective services. Thousands of internet marketing companies are put to the test while only the absolute best companies are featured in the ratings.

Learn more about Cresco SEO at: http://www.uk-topseos.com/cresco-seo.

The 30 top SEO companies for March 2014 can be found at: http://www.uk-topseos.com/rankings-of-best-seo-companies.

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topseos.co.uk Declares Nettonic as the Second Best SEO Firm in the United Kingdom for October 2013

(PRWEB) October 28, 2013

topseos.co.uk has declared Nettonic the 2nd best search marketing consultant in the UK in the October 2013 edition of the rankings. The rankings are formulated through a systematic analysis of the core services provided by each consultant. Businesses looking for talented search marketing firms turn to topseos.co.uk to find firms which have been evaluated by an independent third party.

Online marketing services in the United Kingdom are inspected through a veracious evaluation process to decide which services to feature in the ratings. While there are thousands of search engine optimization services the ratings are comprised of the absolute best the online marketing industry has to offer. The independent research team delves into various search engine optimization services across five areas of evaluation in order to decide the overall level of performance in areas including keyword analysis, reporting methods, on page optimization, off page optimization, and needs analysis.

For a more systematic examination of contesting search marketing firms the independent examination team at topseos.co.uk connects with client references of the top contesting internet marketing firms in the United Kingdom. Clients are asked various questions about the services provided to them and about their experiences with the internet marketing agency. Clients often go out of their way to reach topseos.co.uk directly to tell of their experiences and opinions pertaining to internet marketing services.

Nettonic has been revealed the second top SEO agency in the United Kingdom based on an in-depth analysis of their produced services. The independent research team has revealed them due to their continued achievement and their history of successful online marketing services. Those looking for an impressive SEO service to meet their specified needs should consider Nettonic.

About Nettonic

Nettonic exhibits careful consideration and thought-out methodologies for their organic optimisation services to ensure their clients are receiving the best service available. Their services are backed by white hat SEO techniques and ethical business practices which adhere to industry standards while also utilizing proprietary techniques and strategy to achieve a more powerful online presence. Nettonic also provides award winning web design, mobile marketing, pay per click management, and link building services.

About topseos.co.uk

topseos.co.uk is an established independent research firm in the UK focusing on the analysis and listings of search marketing services all around the world. The listings are formulated by the independent research team each month to showcase the top search marketing services based on their achievements and their rating achieved through the proprietary analysis process.

For additional information about Nettonic visit:


To view the listings of the best search engine optimization firms visit:



United Domains Signs the .UNO Registry-Registrar Agreement with Dot Latin LLC

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) January 15, 2014

Dot Latin LLC announced today that United Domains has signed the Registry-Registrar Agreement for the .UNO domain extension specifically designed to serve the Hispanic and Latino communities, worldwide. .UNO is the first global web extension dedicated to Spanish-speaking businesses, consumers and individuals online.

.UNO is the number one choice for Hispanics and Latinos. Its short, memorable, easily recognizable, and offers cultural significance and relevance for this online community. .UNO stands out against all other Latin web names because its broader in scope and meaning, more dynamic, and simply hotter than any other web identity available today.

.UNO is one of the first new top level domains, out of over 1,500 applications for new domain extensions, to enter the global marketplace. .UNO will lead the tidal wave of new Internet addressing options that, beginning in 2014, will forever change the way we search and find destinations online. Culturally, community, and linguistically specific, .UNO will provide a unique opportunity for Hispanic and Latino web users to communicate and transact business together, in one space, online.

We are happy to be partnering with Dot Latin LLC, and to add .UNO to our extensive list of new domains, said United Domains Inc. CEO and Founder, Florian Huber. New domains will revolutionize the way businesses, entrepreneurs and the public, behave online. We are confident .UNO will become an important asset to our customers in Latin America and the United States.

.UNO offers differentiation to Spanish-speaking businesses and entrepreneurs. It provides a voice and a platform within a community environment which transcends geography and citizenship, and tells the world that this is the place to be.

.UNO provides an opportunity for businesses, consumers and individuals to stand out in the Hispanic market and create a meaningful connection with 490 million Spanish-speaking people worldwide, said Dot Latin LLC CEO, Shaul Jolles. Hispanics will know that every site that ends with .UNO was made with them in mind; .UNO is a culturally relevant domain, easy to remember, and simple to connect.”

About United Domains

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United Domains is a domain registrar with over a decade of expertise in domain name registration, offering over 270 top-level domains worldwide, and support for over 1.5 million domain names for more than 250,000 clients, including Fortune Global 500 companies like Siemens, Vodafone, and Lufthansa. United Domains also accepts pre-registrations on more than 100 new domain extensions and and pre-orders on the most marketable new domains launching this year. The United Domains Group includes United Domains Inc. (Cambridge, MA) and the ICANN accredited registrar united-domains AG (Starnberg, Germany).

About Dot Latin LLC

Founded in 2011, Dot Latin LLC was formed with the sole mission of providing services that actively support and improve the online experience for Spanish-speaking populations, worldwide. Through their creation and introduction of the .UNO top level domain, Dot Latin LLC provides businesses with a unique consumer relationship building opportunity by creating association through common language and cultural differentiation; while fostering increased consumer confidence from Hispanic and Latino consumers all over the globe. For more information about Dot Latin LLC, to find out how you can become a .UNO accredited registrar, or to find a list of accredited registrars where you can register for your .UNO domain name, please visit http://www.unodominio.com.