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Brand Strategix Demonstrates Small Business Passion Through Campaign Rallied Around Rewarding and Empowering

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) February 04, 2014

Brand Strategix, the Forbes-featured industry-leading international internet marketing agency, is giving small business owners a chance for the competitive advantage that will allow them to truly become a market leader and compete with big business. Its new campaign, Small Business Big Opportunity, gives businesses a chance to share the story of their small business with the world and recognizes their contributions to the Small Business Big Opportunity campaign website through tens of thousands of dollars in rewards and offers to help encourage the success of those participating small businesses.

Brand Strategix Small Business Big Opportunity presents small businesses a stage to voice themselves and inspire the many who will view their story. Brand Strategix and the world will then decide which small business moves forth and eventually wins the opportunity to work with Brand Strategix to craft and develop a custom website for that business at no charge. Additionally, weekly drawings will be held to determine which small businesses will receive giveaway rewards including thousands of dollars in free online advertising credits and more.

Every small business wants nothing other than to have a platform to share their story, and as every story is uniquely inspiring, we want to offer that platform, said Alex Parker, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Brand Strategix. Small business is the true ‘powerhouse’ of the economy, but they are sadly the businesses which are most neglected when it comes to being given credit for their contributions to not only the economy, but to the inspiration of society. Marketing results like that of what is achieved by big businesses are typically out of reach for small businesses because of an understandable difference in capital available for investment, but our goal is to make those same results a reality for the small business sector through the execution of this campaign.

Brand Strategix own founder, Alex Parker, who has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Reuters, CNBC, Yahoo! News, and many other international publications for his entrepreneurial and internet marketing prowess, will be working one-on-one with the small business which takes first place in the campaigns contest component. Parker will fulfill an integral role in the development of the winner’s new website and internet marketing strategy, helping to solidify the power of that small business new internet presence.

The struggles of a small business are all too familiar with me, the biggest having to do with the massive funding it takes to establish a presence among a target market, whether regional or global. With this campaign, my true hope is that we are able to positively impact many small businesses by granting them the resources that will allow them to achieve exponential success, said Parker.

Brand Strategix, the prestigious internet marketing services firm, is currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan with offices scheduled to open in New York City and Chicago late 2014. Brand Strategix is the preeminent internet marketing agency of the world due to intense specialization, which has resulted in the profound expertise that has empowered them to secure clients of all sizes, sprawling across multiple continents. Brand Strategix specializes in custom website design/development and online advertising management.

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Students Around the Globe Called to Solve the World’s Pollution Problems

Rockville Centre, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

The Clean Tech Competition, a global research and design competition for students 15-18 yrs. old is announcing the opening of registrations. This years theme “Solution to Pollution” students are challenged to develop a solution for a pollution problem locally or globally by using clean technology. We are so excited to be on international, states Dr. Ray Ann Havasy from the Center for Science Teaching and Learning, the administrator of the competition. The only student-based clean technology competition in the world, The Clean Tech Competition was created with the idea of encouraging students to work in teams to solve real-world issues.

Teams of up to three students can register with a team leader. They will submit their paper by March 7, 2014 semi-finalists will be announced on April 7, 2014 and finalists will be announced on April 14, 2014. The finalist teams will prepare a presentation and come to NY for a week of exciting experiences including sightseeing and presenting their innovations to the UN. The week culminates in the finals competition hosted by the Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT) at their Morrelly Center on May 30, 2014. The 1st place team will receive a grand prize of $ 15,000. Monetary rewards will be given to 2nd and 3rd place teams as well.

We welcome the participation of companies and organizations throughout Long Island, encourages William Wahlig, Executive Director of LIFT, This competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to innovate and get a greater understanding of what it is like to work in a STEM field.

To register a team or for more information please visit the Clean Tech Competition website at http://www.cleantechcompetion.org or call (516) 764- 0045.

About the Center for Science Teaching and Learning:

The Center for Science Teaching and Learning (CSTL) is a not-for-profit organization with a mission of encouraging science learning and literacy. CSTL develops programs for people of all ages and utilizes inquiry-based learning as its foundation for program development. This year marks the first for which CSTL is serving as the administrator of the Clean Tech Competition. http://www.cstl.org

About the Long Island Forum for Technology:

LIFT is a non-for-profit economic development organization working with the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR


Engel & V

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 06, 2013

He who loves an old house, never loves in vain. This quote from 19th century author Isabel La Howe Conant introduces the second edition of “Ch