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Dornan Digital Announced Fifth Top Search Marketing Agency in Australia by topseos.com.au for November 2013

(PRWEB) November 20, 2013

topseos.com.au has announced Dornan Digital the 5th top search engine optimization firm in Australia in the November 2013 edition of the listings. The listings are established through a meticulous analysis of the core services provided by each firm. Businesses looking for experienced search engine optimization firms turn to topseos.com.au to find firms which have been evaluated by an independent third party.

Search engine optimization consultants are put through the topseos.com.au original analysis process in order to establish which consultants in Australia supply the best overall service. Consultants are identified based on merit learned by achievement in the analysis process. This process consists of the use of a set of analysis verticals, interacting with customer references, and performing various market and industry research projects.

Customers of internet marketing services in Australia are often interviewed in order to better understand the overall quality of solution being offered to them. Customer referrals are often a strong indicator of the quality of solution which each search engine marketing consultant provides. Often times customers connect directly with topseos.com.au to share their experiences.

Customers of internet marketing services often turn to topseos.com.au when scouring for reputable search engine optimization firms in Australia. The independent research team has announced Dornan Digital as the 5th top search engine optimization company based on the results of the analysis process. topseos.com.au strongly believes in the search engine optimization services provided by Dornan Digital and has preferred them for businesses looking for the most reputable services.

About Dornan Digital

Dornan Digital produces custom search engine optimization services which focus on long-term results and strategies to produce effective organic results. They operate on a philosophy that the success of their clients is their success, leading to a success-driven solution. Each of their services is provided with a white-hat guarantee to ensure that clients are provided a safe and ethical Search marketing service.

About topseos.com.au

topseos.com.au is a producer of online marketing evaluations in Australia. The first ambition of topseos.com.au is to establish and declare those individuals or firms providing top online marketing solutions available. Search engine optimization firms are put through a thorough evaluation to ensure the listings contain the absolute best firms the online marketing industry has to offer.

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New AdWords Book for 2014 Announced by JM Internet Group

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

The JM Internet Group (http://www.jm-seo.org), a leader in AdWords training online, is proud to announce that review copies are available for Jason McDonald’s forthcoming book, Google AdWords Gotchas. The book explains the four “gotchas” inside of Google AdWords that can cost a small business a lot of money and damage the return on investment of their Google AdWords investment.

“I compare AdWords to alcohol in the book,” explained Jason McDonald, director of the JM Internet Group. “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and friends don’t let friends use Google AdWords without a basic understanding of the four ‘gotchas’ that can cost of a lot of money.”

The book is scheduled for publication in April, 2014, and review copies can be pre-ordered by visiting the company website, and sending a message indicating a request for a complimentary review copy. To visit the JM Internet, simply go to http://www.jm-seo.org/, where one can find information on Google AdWords and how to be an effective AdWords advertiser.

Why AdWords Matters for Small Businesses and Yet Can Be Dangerous

Today’s consumers go first and foremost to the Internet when they search for products, goods or services. Google is the No. 1 search engine and Google AdWords is its flagship advertising vehicle. AdWords is based on keyword matching, bids, and the quality score of the various advertisers. That said, many advertisers do not understand the basic match types, especially ‘broad match,’ nor the use of the display network. Those two ‘gotchas’ alone cause quite a bit of cost to the novice advertiser. Google’s enhanced campaigns are a second source of confusion, and the lack of context between AdWords (which costs money) and SEO (which is free) is a final source of inefficiency. The new book explains basic best practices for effective advertising on the Google AdWords network.

About JM Internet Group

The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student’s computer.


JM Internet Group, Media Relations

Web. http://www.jm-seo.org/

Email. jm.internetgroup(at)gmail(dot)com

Tel. +1-510-713-2150

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Ratings of Top SEO Consultants in Germany Announced by germany.topseos.com for March 2014

(PRWEB) March 10, 2014

The independent authority on search vendors in Germany, germany.topseos.com, has reported the list of the March 2014 top SEO firms in the online marketing industry. The listings are reported at the start of each month in order to account for the latest developments and achievements of the top performing SEO firms. The independent research team at germany.topseos.com investigates and lists the SEO firms included in the investigation process each month in order to assist businesses in selecting their best fit SEO firm.

The 10 top SEO agencies in Germany for March 2014 are:


2. IProspect

3. PR-Popularity Reference

4. DigitasLBi

5. Trafficmaxx

6. Ranking Check

7. ABAKUS Internet Marketing GmbH

8. Searchmetrics

9. Trendmile GmbH

10. Artaxo AG

To most adequately assist buyers of online marketing services the independent research team at germany.topseos.com performs a thorough investigation of experienced and illustrious search engine optimization companies. The investigation involves the use of a set of evaluation criteria consisting of five verticals of investigation to benchmark and compare competing search engine optimization companies based on their core competencies. The five areas of evaluation include on page optimization, reporting methods, keyword analysis, needs analysis, and off page optimization.

ABOUT germany.topseos.com

germany.topseos.com is a well-known independent authority on internet marketing in Germany. The first goal of germany.topseos.com is to determine and name those individuals or consultants producing the top online marketing solutions all over the world. A specialized team of researchers examine thousands of applicants each month who are seeking to be ranked as a top online marketing product or service by the independent authority.

For the ratings of the best search engine optimization companies visit:


Search engine marketing companies interested in being ranked can visit:


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