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nes controller flash drive is like spy tech for geeks

There’s something unique about this unassuming looking NES controller – and no, it’s not that it’s a flash drive. Gaming peripherals turned storage devices are a dime a dozen, but this flash drive requires a secret activation code. Okay, maybe not so secret. I doubt Sydney Bristow would have much trouble cracking this particular code.

"Retro GamerDrive"

This latest NES hack/mod comes to us from Joe over at ProtoDojo. While rummaging through his uncle’s garage, Joe came upon his old Nintendo system. And like any good modder, he decided to see what he could make out of the gear instead of just tossing it or selling it.

Not surprisingly, his first instinct was to turn the controller into a flash drive. But this struck him as too obvious, so he decided to program the controller/flash drive in such a way that it would require the famous Konami Code be input before a computer recognizes it.

"Retro GamerDrive" In Progress

Man, I’m not doing the “Retro GamerDrive” any justice, so stop listening to me prattle on about Joe’s project and learn about it from the man himself:

Click to View Embedded Video Clip

On an unrelated note, anyone who didn’t appreciate my ALIAS reference can’t be friends with me. Just sayin’.

[via Kotaku]

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