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graffiti markup language (gml) turns paint tags into xml tags

Graffiti artists of the future might not need to run their own late-night missions to tag their target locations thanks to this new technology. GML (Graffiti Markup Language) provides a method to store and describe graffiti as digital information which can then be played back and reproduced later.


GML was created by Jamie Wilkinson, Evan Roth, Theodore Watson and Chris Sugrue and stores gestural graffiti motions as a set of XML data tags. They fondly refer to GML as “today’s new digital standard for tomorrow’s vandals.”

There are already a variety of applications that can read and store GML data, including Grafitti Analysis, Laser Tag (which is completely awesome all on its own), Fat Tag Deluxe (for virtual iPhone graffiti) and EyeWriter (for drawing with eye movements), among others. You can even upload and store your graffiti creations and share them for others to download over at 000000book.com.

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There’s even Robotagger, an industrial robotic arm with a paintbrush in it’s grip, and programmed to follow GML paths to create robotic graffiti!

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The guys over at Robots.net even go so far to imagine a future where you’d record your graffiti at home, then send out your own robotic army with their own spray cans to do your bidding. Sweet. Just not on my garage, please.

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