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Where can I purchase the widget technology for my beer production factory?

I want to add the gadget to my factory, the production of canned beer. I have looked on the internet, but have not found any detailed technical information on this technology. I’m ready to buy it from a producer, but I do not know how to find one online, which gives this technology. Any info / help would be very teretulnud.Aitäh.


Microchip Technology to Webcast Annual Stockholders’ Meeting

Microchip Technology to Webcast Annual Stockholders’ Meeting
CHANDLER, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Microchip Technology Incorporated (NASDAQ:MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, announced today that it will webcast its Annual Stockholders’ Meeting at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) on Friday, August 20, 2010 at www.microchip.com. A replay of the event will also be available at www …

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Technology and Education

Technology has completely changed the

mankind works. It has become an integral part of our lives and the basic movements of the man is now only dependent on technology. The technology is ready to work on the human race faster, smarter, and allows the brain to focus on other more exciting and challenging goals, and milestones. Over the last decade has been devoted to the processing technology and its impact on humanity. http://education. ixs. net /. He has given us a sleeker cell phones, computers, Internet mobility that can hold purses and now a comprehensive database of knowledge called the Internet.
Not avenue that the technology has not touched. A complete labor of mankind is now working in the technology. Thousands of industries and organizations around the world now have the benefits of technology. And the education system is no exception to the rule. Technology has advanced and polished, political, academic activity and providing a smoother Extensive reporting requirements, which had never been before. Unique is now available on the market to immediately notify parents when their child or children arrive late at school and allow teachers to remotely send homework and grade papers online. Students from all over the world now look to prepare term papers, and everything just browsing the internet at home or in libraries. The principles of knowledge, has not changed, but the very building for teaching and revolutionalised technology.
Other advantages of technology in education is a scene-management feature that provides technologies. This will allow colleges and universities to monitor thousands of students, one is allowed to go and hundreds of students registered in classes suitable for teachers and students click away. Basic education and secondary schools can use more sophisticated voice mail to update the news over the success of their children. The technology is also able to successfully use dedicated networks during the College’s entire internal network domains sharing documents and reports.
Primal objective of these communications servers are designed to improve the information and messages within the school system administration and teachers. This type of system also helps facilitate communication with the various groups, clubs, parents and the whole student body. In this way, everyone can be better informed of special events, and check often for any updates or changes to the system, which can happen. Any student of games, activities and students’ personal information may be stored and retrieved at any time by school officials.
Other major benefits of technology in the education sector has been exponential growth in membership because of the availability of online courses. People do not need to be physically available to participate in an important meeting or class in the world. This bandwidth connectivity will work, and allow thousands of people in the world, one sphere to help you connect with people scattered areas.
Hundreds of companies exist to build and provide, and sophisticated software to further improve the benefits of technology in education. Applications are now for video conferencing and remote login to servers. For more information and details at: http://education. ixs. net / content / technology and education. php

Macie is a staff writer for Ticket Nest (www. ticketnest. com), wrote and enjoys traveling, theater and concert hall experience. He can be reached macie @ ticketnest. com