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What Does Everybody Know About Their Domain Registrar That You Don’t?

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

Already one of the fastest growing domain registrars in the world, NameSilo (http://www.namesilo.com) recently released a new report showcasing the exact number of domains its customers have transferred to their company versus the number that have transferred elsewhere. The results are staggering and reveal a clear insight as to how NameSilo is continuing to increase its foothold in the industry, and becoming the preferred destination for domain investors, companies, organizations and everyday people looking for a better alternative to house their domains.

The report, located at http://www.namesilo.com/transfer_compare.php, is very simple, but is nonetheless convincing. As of this writing, NameSilo has gained 8 times the number of domains than it has lost. There can be little more convincing proof as to the overall happiness and satisfaction experienced by NameSilo’s customers.

“We remain excited that our strategy and offerings continue to be so well-received by our customers,” said Michael Goldfarb, one of NameSilo’s founders. “We set out 4 years ago to create the best registrar in the world by offering the lowest and most transparent everyday prices, simple yet powerful domain management, multiple levels of account/domain security, completely free add-ons like WHOIS privacy, all coupled with excellent customer service. We are very happy this approach has translated into our continued growth and exceedingly high levels of customer satisfaction.”

NameSilo also includes a breakdown of the number of domain transfers gained and lost per competitor. Again, the results are very hard to ignore as NameSilo is clearly at a substantial net gain compared to commonly-considered industry heavyweights. For example, as of this writing:


New Internet Top Level Domain .One Goes to Highest Bidder in Historic Auction by RightOfTheDot

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

RightOfTheDot, LLC, one of the most well-known domain industry auction Internet consulting and advisement firms, announced today that they and their partner Escrow.com have facilitated the contention set auction of the new gTLD Web address .One, which is expected to be one of the most sought-after new TLD (Top Level Domain) properties on the Internet.

The winning bidder for the new TLD extension is One.com, which will act as the worldwide registry for .One domains. They will be offering such super premium names as number.one, the.one, only.one best.one and countless others to individuals, retailers and e-commerce sites throughout the world.

The .One TLD auction marks the first time the Single Sealed Bid Second Price auction method was used to resolve contention between competing applicants wanting to run a new top level domain extension. The new method, developed by RightOfTheDot, is unlike the traditional ascending clock auction in that it provides complete customization and flexibility in when the auction will be held, how the funds will be disbursed, payment timing, application withdrawal, auction timing, auction type, and more. The results from a Single Sealed Second Price Auction generally yield fairer and lower winning bid prices, less bid rigging, less confusion, and less time to determine a winning applicant.

Our Single Sealed Bid Second Price auction method protects the participants from `auction fever, which often causes over-bidding as people get emotionally tied to the process of winning at any cost due to time committed and sometimes throw their budgets out the window, said Monte Cahn, President of RightOfTheDot. This potentially results in less money and resources to successfully launch and market the new TLD participants are bidding for.”

We also believe the flexibility of our solution completely sets us apart from other auction methods and companies currently available, added Cahn. Its our philosophy that the applicants in each contention set should be the ones to determine when, where and how the auction should be held; and how funds are disbursed, whether to the non-winning bidders, a third-party charity or industry association, or a combination of all. These decisions will vary by contention set depending on the TLD and the participants in each contending set.

We choose to use RightOfTheDot Single Sealed Bid Second Price auction and received a trustworthy and transparent service in the contention of .One, said Ronni Engelhardt Andersen, the CFO of One.com. This was the right auction model for us, as the time and efforts needed to do the auction were balanced, and the contention was solved in a fair way.

Ultimately, the flexibility of RightOfTheDot in conducting an auction that satisfied all parties needs within the contention, rather than sticking to predefined rules, is the main reason why we continue to engage with Monte and Michael, said Ben Anderson, Product Director and Head of New gTLD Services at NetNames. With the resolution of contention being, in some cases, more complex than the application process itself, applicants need a partner they can trust and one that is willing to make changes to their own process to accommodate nervous applicants.

We are extremely satisfied with both the outcome and the path taken to achieve it, said Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head of Radix, one of the applicants for .One. Monte and Mike from RightOfTheDot were great to work with. They demonstrated tremendous patience and flexibility in designing and executing an auction that met the specific expectations of both parties. We would like to congratulate the One.com group on winning the .One contention set.

RightOfTheDot also recently announced its exclusive partnership with Heritage Auctions. Heritage Auctions and RightOfTheDot will offer additional Contention Resolution Auction Services, such as online customized ascending clock and traditional step auction services to help competing applicants for new TLDs resolve their contention prior to last resort auctions being offered by ICANN. They will also work together to auction premium and super premium new TLDs and existing domains through live and live online auctions.

About RightOfTheDot, LLC

RightOfTheDot, LLC is an Internet consulting and advisement firm specializing in new and existing TLD strategies, contention resolution and private auction services, board advisement, premium domain and market positioning, sales and services. Well-known industry veterans Monte Cahn and Michael H. Berkens, Esq founded the Company in 2012 with a combined 30 years of experience. They have participated in more than $ 350 Million in domain sales, brokerage and domain auctions. They advised and assisted in launching 15 sTLDs and gTLDs, in addition to several TLDs available today, and pioneered many domain industry products and services currently used as standards. The Company is a licensed Business Auction Corporation in the state of Florida, with the exact purpose and description for conducting contention resolution auctions between competing TLD applicants. Both Monte and Michael are members of the prestigious Domain Hall Of Fame.

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GlobalSign Helps ISO New England Secure Critical Energy Infrastructure by Increasing User Authentication

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

GlobalSign, the enterprise SaaS Certificate Authority (CA), today announced the launch of the first energy market trading application to operate within North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) standards on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by its customer ISO New England, the operator of the New England bulk power system and wholesale electricity markets. Implementing strong authentication based on NAESBs guidelines supports ISO New Englands efforts to meet components outlined in the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework for Executive Order (EO) 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure (CI) Cybersecurity.

Due to the critical nature of ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of electricity, and based on recommendations from the Executive Order to improve CI cybersecurity, ISO New England opted to increase the level of identity authentication for their power generators, regional utility companies, and other market participants that utilize their eMarket portal. With GlobalSign, they found a NAESB-compliant partner who was committed to helping them meet their need for strong authentication in a way that is transparent for their stakeholders, while ensuring highly-trusted, authenticated energy transactions.

Authentication is listed as a key area for improvement in the NIST Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework, the set of standards, guidelines, and best practices that has been drafted to put the recommendations from the Executive Order into action. The Framework specifically mentions the inadequacy of passwords as a means of authentication.

PKI is a long-established and proven method for securely authenticating digital identities, but there are a variety of implementation details that can mean the difference between a weak and vulnerable identity management system and a highly secure one, states Lila Kee, GlobalSigns chief product officer. NAESB helped standardize PKI for the energy market to reduce the risk of weak implementations, so were pleased to help ISO New England lead the adoption of the guidelines to secure their platform. Now, ISO New England is able to strongly authenticate their eMarket users and help meet the Executive Order recommendations for Improving Critical Infrastructure.

GlobalSign is the only public NAESB-authorized Certificate Authority trusted in all popular browsers and operating systems and is a key member and active participant in establishing PKI standards for NAESB. As a member of NAESBs Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ) Board of Directors, Kee played a lead role in the development of the PKI and other cybersecurity standards.

For more information about using PKI to meet NIST recommendations for the Executive Order, or other authentication solutions, stop by GlobalSigns booth, #320, at the upcoming RSA Conference February 24 – 27 in San Francisco, CA or contact GlobalSign sales at 1-877-775-4562.

Additional information about the development of cybersecurity standards in the energy sector and how those standards can be used to reduce the risk of harmful cyber attacks in other Critical Infrastructure sectors can be found in the white paper, How PKI Secures Critical Infrastructure Networks against Advanced Attacks.

About GMO GlobalSign

GlobalSign (http://www.globalsign.com) has been a trust service provider since 1996 with a singular focus on providing convenient and highly productive PKI solutions for organizations of all sizes. Its Digital Certificate solutions allow billions of customers worldwide to conduct SSL-secured transactions with authenticated businesses, transfer data, distribute tamper-proof code, and protect online identities for secure email and access control. Vision and commitment to innovation led to GlobalSign being recognized by Frost & Sullivan for the 2011 Product Line Strategy Award. The company has local offices in the US, Europe and throughout Asia. For the latest news on GlobalSign visit http://www.globalsign.com or follow GlobalSign on Twitter (@globalsign).

About GMO Internet Group

GMO Internet Group is a comprehensive provider of industry-leading Internet solutions including domain name registration, cloud-based and traditional hosting, ecommerce, security, and payment processing services that each hold the top share of their respective markets in Japan. Other key business areas for the Group include online securities/FX trading, Internet advertising, search engine marketing, and smartphone game development and publishing. GMO Internet, Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more information please visit http://www.gmo.jp/en.

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