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The Writer’s Toolbox: Bring Dry Statistics to Life With NumberQuote.com

For those who would kill for a great number comparison quote (we grew revenues $2.2 million – enough to buy a MacBook for everyone in North Pole City, AK), but are too lazy to make one up themselves, we’re pleased to bring you the NumberQuotes.com site:


It’s simple. You enter a number (let’s say you’re writing a presentation for a company that has 146 stores), and it spits back dozens of bizarre number relationships, like:

“146 7 Eleven Hot Dogs would buy 1.61 iPhones”


“146: The population of Maiden Rock village, Wisconsin, USA in 2008″

OK. Maybe not the best example. Let’s try a bigger number.

Type in 112.8 million (the estimated number of blogs in existence in February, 2008), and you’ll get:

“112,800,000 dollars would buy a 2010 Cadillac Escalade for everyone living in Minco city, Oklahoma (population 1802)”


112,334,376 US Dollars = The 1960 GDP (current dollars) for Fiji”

Frankly, this should revolutionize blogging as we know it – no longer will we be forced to make up statistics to fill blanks in our posts.

Now we can have pointless, irrelevant, real-life statistics generated for us in mere seconds.

While the NumberQuotes.com database seems a little limited, with a little work, it could actually blossom into a perversely useful tool for speakers and those trying to make an (admittedly obscure) point.

Keep making up statistics writing, Tom Chandler.

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“Fake AP Style” Twitter Feed Delivers Laughs For Writers

Every journalism major remembers the AP Style Manual – a style manual that’s still an excellent guide (I’ve worn out three over the years, but you can avoid wear & tear with their online edition).

Now FakeAPStylebook has created a hilarious sendup of AP’s Style ubiquitous style manual, and metered it out via a truly “LOL” Twitter feed (see, I’m still cutting edge):

FakeAPStyle Twitter Feed

Need a laugh? Give FakeAPStylebook a follow.

Keep laughing, Tom Chandler.

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The Antique Typewriter: Old Writing Tools Now Serve As Mechanical Art

I wrote my first copywriting projects on a typewriter (I should be posting this on GeezerCopywriter.com), and while that late 70’s electric hardly qualified as an antique, I’m like most writers – I get a shiver up and down my spine when I see a really old typewriter.

Antique Typewriters

That’s why antiquetypewriters.com stopped me in my tracks.

For those stuck on the machines writers formerly used to put words to paper, this site represents the motherload. It’s somebody’s antique typewriter collection, lovingly photographed and put on display for all to see.

Antique Typewriters

In an era when novels are being written on cell phones, big, mechanical, clunky typewriters have undergone a transformation.

From the machines which are recognizably “modern” in design to the oddball constructs, typewriters no longer bear the burden of useful tools; they’ve become little mechanical works of art, and I simply can’t look away.

Antique Typewriters

For those who have never done it, writing on a typewriter demands a level of commitment word processors don’t require.

And while I wouldn’t trade my out-of-control text processor addiction for a typewriter (I can stop anytime I want), I admit writing’s current “fire hose” approach to productivity lacks the elegance of thinking first, and writing second.

The kind of thinking forced on us by clunky mechanical beasts who now occupy museums, not desks.

Keep writing, Tom Chandler.

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