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Ten Top PPC Management Consultants in South Africa Announced in August 2013 by topseos.co.za

(PRWEB) August 30, 2013

The independent authority on search vendors in South Africa, topseos.co.za, has revealed the best PPC management companies in the search marketing industry for the month of August 2013. Many companies are put through a meticulous examination of their services to ensure only the absolute best PPC management companies are showcased each month. The rankings are produced by the independent research team through painstaking testing and analysis to determine the best companies offering PPC management services.

The 10 top PPC management companies in South Africa for August 2013 are:

1. EVER Internet Marketing

2. Bruce Clay Africa Middle East

3. ILogic

4. Virtuosa

5. E traffic

6. Clicks2Customers

7. Gnu World Internet Marketing

8. Prospero Digital Agency

9. Porto Imagem SEO

10. Intoweb

In order to compose the best listings possible based on the most detailed examination of pay per click management consultants, the independent research team spends countless hours analyzing industry trends and market research. Each featured pay per click management firm has been judged across five criteria of evaluation. The five criteria are critical to learning the comparative performance of the firm in relation to major competitors within the industry. To compose an even more detailed examination, the independent research team also contacts a minimum of three client references of competing pay per click management consultants.

ABOUT topseos.co.za

topseos.co.za is a organizer of search marketing rankings in South Africa. The primary ambition of topseos.co.za is to identify and reveal those individuals or consultants supplying top search marketing services available. Pay per click management consultants are put through a in-depth examination to ensure the rankings contain the absolute best consultants the search marketing industry has to offer.

For the listings of the best PPC management companies visit:


PPC management firms interested in being ranked can visit:



Inc. Magazine Names Autoshop Solutions One of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

(PRWEB) August 27, 2013

Autoshop Solutions, the leading website design and internet marketing agency for independent auto repair shops and the automotive aftermarket, was named one of the fastest-growing companies of 2013 by Inc. Magazine. The agency ranks an impressive 647 out of 5,000 companies nationwide and #77 in the Advertising and Marketing category.

In North Carolina, the company ranks #14 for the fastest-growing companies overall and #2 in the fastest-growing Advertising and Marketing companies category. This is especially remarkable for an independent niche startup with no venture capital backing.

The agency attributes its rapid success to word-of-mouth referrals and high customer retention underpinned by its award-winning websites, reputation in the market, and a commitment to outstanding customer service and marketing solutions.

Danny Sanchez, President and Founder of Autoshop Solutions, also attributes the agency’s rapid success to its location near the Research Triangle: We’ve come a long way in a short period of time. Our growth has enabled us to expand our staff from six full time team members to now over 23. We are fortunate to be located in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, providing a great pool of talented people hailing from NC State, UNC, Duke, and beyond. Our success is a direct reflection of the great team we have; I could not be more proud.

VP of Operations Margaret Klemmer added: To be awarded these rankings is a true testament to the way Danny runs the business and the support we receive from within the automotive industry. A cornerstone of our business has always been dedicated to educating the automotive industry on internet marketing, through classes and training at automotive conferences across the country. In return, our relationships in the industry have grown and our company has flourished.

About The Company

Autoshop Solutions is an internet marketing agency dedicated to creating impactful websites and engaging marketing solutions that drive business for local auto shop owners and the automotive industry. Since 2005, the company has helped thousands of auto shops and organizations grow their business through award-winning websites, locally driven SEO, certified Google AdWords management, e-newsletters, social media, and all things inbound marketing. Autoshop Solutions takes pride in working only within the automotive aftermarket vertical, and the agencys executive team has over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. All of the companys work is done in-house at their corporate office in Apex, NC.

For more information, visit http://www.autoshopsolutions.com, or follow us on Facebook.com/AutoshopSolutions.


Margaret Klemmer

VP of Operations



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Senator Strom Thurmond’s Granddaughter Engages RecordClick for Genealogy Research

Denville, NJ (PRWEB) August 27, 2013

RecordClick announces that Wanda Williams-Bailey, the granddaughter of the late South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond, has engaged its genealogy services to find information about her grandmother Carrie Butler. Ms. Bailey’s mother, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, who died earlier this year, was the secret, biracial daughter of the segregationist Senator Thurmond and Carrie Butler, a black housekeeper in the Thurmond home. Ms. Bailey, who is honoring the 10-year anniversary of her grandfather’s death, as well as her mother’s historic announcement, will disclose RecordClick’s genealogical research results in her upcoming literary project and possible television tie-in.

Ms. Bailey was aware of her famous grandfather’s identity from an early age, but kept her lineage a secret along with her siblings. Always her mother’s advocate, Ms. Bailey was by her side at the historic press conference in 2003 when Essie Mae Washington-Williams announced that she was the daughter of Strom Thurmond and Carrie Butler. An attorney for the Senator’s family confirmed the account.

“I was relieved to have the secret of my mother’s parentage finally revealed,” Ms. Bailey shares. “However, it opened a Pandora’s box of related stories some sad and shocking, others uplifting for which none of us was prepared. The revelation that my mother is the daughter of Strom Thurmond and a black housekeeper named Carrie Butler is just the tip of the iceberg to an almost 90-year saga of secrets.” Ms. Bailey adds, “To speed the healing process, I am writing a book about the rest of the story the other half of the equation.”

Ms. Bailey continues, “Up until now, only Strom Thurmond’s side has been known. What is missing is a deeper understanding of who Carrie Butler was and what her influence was on my mother. That’s why I asked RecordClick to conduct genealogical research on my grandmother; I want my siblings and our respective children, as well as the public, to know Carrie better.”

Carrie Butler was in her mid-teens at the time she gave birth to Strom Thurmond’s daughter Essie Mae in 1925. Unable to care for the baby, Carrie asked her older sister Mary and husband John Henry Washington to take care of the child. Carrie lived an hour away and visited her daughter from time to time. Little is known about Carrie’s life, but it is believed that she ended up destitute and died at a fairly young age in the poverty ward of a public hospital for blacks only.

“There is so much mystery surrounding my grandmother,” admits Ms. Bailey. “I know that genealogical research is the best way to learn more about her life. I chose RecordClick because it came highly recommended by a research friend of mine, and also because I can be involved in the discovery process as a writer, I like that.”

“Ms. Bailey’s story is not uncommon,” explains Elizabeth Khan, Founder and CEO of RecordClick. Clients come to us with half a story or no story at all the common denominator in all of the cases is that people feel a void not knowing their ancestors, and they want to learn more. Wanda Williams-Bailey’s case is unique in that there has been so much publicity about her famous paternal side, but nothing about her maternal side. That’s where RecordClick hopes to find answers to some long-asked genealogy questions, and therefore bring about a certain amount of closure to this family, whose world, as they knew it, was rocked after their ‘secret’ was revealed in 2003.”

About Record Click

RecordClick is a full-service genealogy research firm that specializes in investigating lineage cases throughout the United States and internationally. With research teams in several European countries including, but not limited to, England, Germany, and Ireland the company also covers Argentina and Canada. RecordClick’s headquarters are strategically located on the East Coast, providing a proximal advantage to immigration documentation. Offering more than just traditional look-ups and pedigrees for tracing ancestry, RecordClick’s genealogists pull away from the pack by providing customized ancestor searches; video biographies; research for high-profile clients and cases; as well as recommendations for DNA testing kits all of which allows clients to do a deeper dive into tracing their family tree. For more information on RecordClick, please visit us at http://www.recordclick.com/ or call (866) 632-9291. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.