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Usenet ? A Old Technology Made New

Usenet ? A Old Technology Made New

The plethora of sites dedicated to the Usenet system reveal that it is still very much alive. In fact, with the growing popularity of P2P—peer to peer—file sharing, Usenet has proven that its long-standing model of transferring files is still viable. 

This method is preferable to torrenting and other technologies in several regards. There is no place where the debate between one technology and another is engaged with such passion as it is on the Internet, and Usenet has been the subject of a great many conversations of late.

Many of these conversations have to do with speed. Torrent protocols have proven that they can deliver large downloads at impressive speeds. However, it is not only the torrent protocol that can make this boast. Usenet manages the same high speeds via a very different protocol.

While the adherents of one protocol or another continue to take swipes at each other’s pet technology, most users find themselves using the Usenet system as a part of their entire Internet technology use. The debaters, in many cases, fail to see the forest for the trees, as every technology has its use, whether it’s old or new.

Usenet offers users a different way of using the web to interact with others, which has also made it part of the conversation where social networking is concerned. Though its proponents like to refer to social networking technologies as “Web 2.0”, the Usenet system has roots that extend far before there was even a Web 1.0.

This system has some of the best features of bulletin boards—text posts, fast downloads and very specific interest groups—and some of the best features of new technologies. Its users are just not going to give it up, and for many good reasons.

There are literally thousands of subjects among the Usenet newsgroups. Contrast this to the relatively few interests found on any given forum. A Usenet user can surf newsgroups very quickly, whereas a forum user has to create a separate account for every different forum. Social networking sites also come and go very quickly.

Usenet has been around for a very long time and the work that one puts into forging relationships via the newsgroups oftentimes pays off for many years. Oddly, much of the debate surrounding Usenet concerns whether this venerable technology still outdoes its modern peers. It does, in many cases.

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Written by MarionMarshall
Marion Marshall writes about P2P, filesharing and Usenet technologies at his website UsenetReviewz.com.

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Domain name – The recipe for success

Boston, MA (BUSINESS WIRE) Oct. 27, 2011

Owning the right domain name can be your recipe for success. There are millions of web searches per month, a huge volume of traffic on the conduct food-related sites. Whether you are now promoting your restaurant, you start an online recipe or direct a food distributor provides a domain name descriptive of a unique opportunity to take this traffic base and consumption dollars in turn.


domain, one of the main domain and the online brokerage firm, is proud to represent only an impressive range of food products of domain names, including Pasta.com, Appetizers.com, Eggs . com, SugarFree.com, SugarCookie.com and more. Food and beverage related areas have long offered high price tags with names like Beer.com, Wine.com and Pizza.com the top of the charts at $ 7,000,000, $ 3,300,000 and $ 2,605,000 respectively. Additional revenues in this vertical include Fruits.com to $ 160,000 and $ 150,000 in Beef.com.

Owning a domain name that defines the class immediately puts your company as a market leader in this industry, says Tessa Holcomb, CEO of domain consultants. Unilever has the power of generic domain names through several of its brands such as Skippy and Ragu leveraged with PeanutButter.com Sauce.com. Diageo, the world leader in premium drinks business, is to lead the consumer via their website Scotch.com Johnnie Walker and Captain Morgan Rum.com site.

For a complete list of areas related to food contact available, Senior Advisor, Brooke Hernandez at (508) 689-9569, ext. 401 or Brooke (to) advisors domain (dot) com

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Benefits ethical white hat SEO on page optimization

benefits of white hat ethical SEO page optimization
Article by Joanna Gadel

There are many benefits to ethical white hat SEO on page optimization. Professionals from around the world prefer this method of layout optimization. The reason for this is that the white hat techniques are authentic way of optimizing search engines. This means that these techniques, a trustworthy manner are optimization and they can trust without fear, because real possibilities.

ethical White hat SEO you use the One of the most important things in SEO enter. This is called quality content. The only way to communicate with your potential customers with words. Thus, most business houses to give due weight to the use of fresh content that is meaningful to their industry.

In line with the ethical use of White Hat SEO on page optimization directs the attention of web crawlers in the direction of a site in the best way possible. This can decipher the contents of a web page crawler. In fact, attractive, it serves as a sign of authenticity. This makes such a favorite Web sites with search engines and more traffic they always start slowly and steadily.

Another thing, the white hat optimization is connected, is the art of building links. Sites that are to follow undisputed methods of optimizing search engines, the only ones who can build these links. This means that the Black Hat SEO is not an opportunity for her. Of course, adds to the success of any website.

In addition to all Search Engine Optimization and recommends a good, clear, impressive site of the city. You need an organized website instead of providing accurate information about your products and services. You must also ensure that navigation is simple and to ensure a smooth flow through the pages. This will automatically attract more traffic to your site means more sales, in one way or another.

white hat techniques are those methods that generate revenue for you in the long run can. Black hat only draw many spectators flunking Web traffic rules. White on the other side follows reliable SEO practices for attracting useful traffic. In fact, it is useless to many viewers who are not interested in your products and services received. They are only on your side because of a lie!

So the above discussion shows that there are many benefits to ethical white hat SEO on page optimization. In other words, what can be said is that white hat methods can take some time to show results, but they give you positive results. After white hat practices for optimizing search engines is to create customer loyalty and the company will certainly develop in a constructive spirit.

Joanna Gadel is an innovation SEO services online and is also known as a Most of the professionals on the SEO Analysts in the Sydney area.

Matt Cutts

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