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Adsense Wealth Empire: An Emperor Without Clothes?

Adsense Wealth Empire: An Emperor Without Clothes?

(PRWEB) August 11, 2006

Adsense Wealth Empire is a huge course about how to earn high income with Adsense using all white hat methods. These guys have made over a million with Adsense and show several Adsense checks for $ 100,000 a month on the home page of the site. Adsense Wealth Empire is developed by Roy Oron, the developer of “Make Links” and the “Super Affiliate Generator,” and Maayan Marzanis, maker of the “Affiliates Alert” program.

It is a rather controversial program owing to the high price that the package commands that will actually pay for itself over time.

Most Adsense products on the market sell for less than $ 50, so you know that such a high ticket item must be worth its salt. The two developers even have pictures showing off their Adsense earnings for the world to see. The main difference with this product is that most others tell you how to make money from Adsense. The Adsense Wealth Empire goes a step further by actually showing you how do it. And that is why it is a winner. Find out more about this fantastic product @ http://Adollars.blogspot.com


Oceanroc Web Publishing is based in Mandeville, Jamaica, and are the publishers of several blogs, articles and an awarding winning website about Mandeville

Media Contact: Nicholas Dixon

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SES Chicago To Offer Dozens of Panels, Speakers, and Exhibitors With Ties to the Midwest

SES Chicago To Offer Dozens of Panels, Speakers, and Exhibitors With Ties to the Midwest

Jennifer Laycock, Editor, Search Engine Guide

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 23, 2009

Chicago, Illinois, the business and innovation Capital of the Midwest, will be the venue for Search Engine Strategies from December 7-11, 2009. SES Chicago 2009 is expected to attract the biggest names in the Midwestern online marketing industry. From Minneapolis to Dallas and Cleveland to Denver, the Midwest has produced some of the most influential names in search, most of which will make an appearance at SES Chicago 2009. Midwestern marquee names include: Shari Thurow, Lee Odden, Matt Bailey, Jennifer Laycock, Sage Lewis, Cindy Krum and Andrew Goodman.

Now in its 7th year, Search Engine Strategies Chicago is organized and programmed by the SES Advisory Board and Search Engine Watch, the leading authority on search engine marketing. The event, which is the largest search engine marketing conference and expo in the Midwest, will be packed with dozens of sessions, multiple keynotes, professional networking events, exhibitors, and Chicago neighborhood restaurant parties.

“SES Chicago is the annual assembly of cutting edge online marketing experts and corporate marketing executives. Naturally, SES Chicago generally has more of a Midwestern angle.” said VP and Global Content Director for Search Engine Strategies Mike Grehan. “I’m obviously not from anywhere near the Midwest, but I have to give credit where credit’s due—the Midwest has produced some of the biggest and best names in search and online marketing over the past decade. But no matter where in the world you’re coming from, if you’re trying to figure out how you adjust your marketing mix and strategies for 2010, look no further than the Chicago Hilton from December 7th through 11th.”

Selected SES Chicago Sessions Including Moderators and/or Panelists based out of the Midwest:

Day 1

Search Analytics (10:30-11:30am) features Ohio’s Matt Bailey, a member of the SES Advisory Board and the founder of SiteLogic Use analytics tools to get the specific answers you need about your search marketing campaign’s economic performance, your users’ on-site behaviors, and how to look for major red flags in traffic patterns.

SEO Through Blogs and Feeds, featuring SES Advisory Board member Lee Odden of Minnesota’s TopRank Online Marketing, recently ranked as #4 on Ad Age’s Power 150 blog rankings. This session will detail the importance of blogs and web feeds. Learn more about the unique advantages blogs and feeds offer to search engine optimization.

Day 2

Small Voices, Big Impact: Social Media for the Little Guy (10:30am-11:45am), featuring Ohio’s Jennifer Laycock of SiteLogic and led by Stoney deGeyter of Pole Position Marketing, will cover how a small business with a small budget can use social media to conduct market research, organize focus groups, and build a consumer base without spending a dime. Jennifer Laycock is a celebrity blogger and social media expert.

Search on a Dime (1:00pm-2:15pm), also featuring Jennifer Laycock, will go over the tips and tricks on how a small business can maximize its exposure through organic, paid search and local search without overspending its budget.

Real Time SEO: No More Yesterday’s News (1:00pm-2:15pm) will feature Brent Payne, the SEO Director of Tribune, Inc., the holding company of the Chicago Tribune. This session will focus on the specific aspects of SEO for large media companies.

Paid Search 101 (2:30am-3:45am) will feature Midwesterners David Szetela and Mona Elesseily in a session especially geared towards beginners, and will focus on the basics of paid placement.

Day 3

PPC or SEO? The Ultimate Search Marketing Battle (10:30-11:45am) features Christine Churchill, president of the Dallas, TX based KeyRelevance. In this session, SEO proponents square off against PPC evangelists. This session is sure to be a lively debate between the each model’s respective supporters.

Facebook Rockstars RoundTable: Marketing For the Other Internet (12:45pm-2:00pm) features a “who’s who” panel of big brand and small business manufacturers who have experienced success through Facebook. The session is moderated by Marty Weintraub, the president of Minnesota-based AimClear.

Black Hat, White Hat: Does it Really Matter Anymore? (4:00-5:15pm) again features Ohio’s Matt Bailey with a panel of search marketers discussing whether the distinction between “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO is relevant in 2010.

In addition to the search marketing consultants and agencies, the show includes many in- house corporate professionals who come to share their knowledge and experience with attendees. Examples include Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Fluency Media (represented by Melissa Mackey on the “Facebook Rockstars Roundtable” panel), Worthington Ohio’s Bizresearch (represented by Laura Thieme on the “How to Cut Your Corporate Budget” panel), St. Charles, Illinois’ Position Technologies (represented by Todd Friesen on the “Black Hat, White Hat” panel) and many more will have a presence at SES Chicago.

Register for SES Chicago today.

About SES

Incisive Media’s Search Engine Strategies is a leading global conference and training series focused on search engine marketing. Other Incisive resources for interactive marketers include the ClickZ network for digital marketing news, information, commentary, advice, opinion and research and Search Engine Watch which provides news and information about search, analysis of the search engine industry and tools for improving search marketing effectiveness.

Incisive Media is a leading global provider of specialized business news and information, in print, in person and online. The company’s principal markets include financial services, legal services, commercial real estate, marketing services and risk management. Incisive Media’s market-leading brands include Accountancy Age, Computing, Investment Week, Legal Week, Post, Risk, and Search Engine Strategies. For more information, visit http://www.incisivemedia.com.

For more news and event updates visit our SES Blog at: http://blog.searchenginestrategies.com/

Editorial Contacts

Greg Jarboe



E-mail SEO-PR

Christian Georgeou

Incisive Media

Christian.Georgeou (at) IncisiveMedia.com



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Toronto business security advisor denounces latest virus, offers tips for today’s virus crisis.

Toronto business security advisor denounces latest virus, offers tips for today’s virus crisis.

(PRWEB) August 23, 2003

Claudiu Popa, President of Toronto-based security firm Informatica Coporation Urges no-nonsense approach to the latest virus threats – Offers tips for managing through today’s crisis.

1. Give Blaster a break. It’s a mostly harmless and buggy program that is only meant to showcase the biggest vulnerability Windows has ever seen. Instead, update your software and don’t support the hype.

2. Immediately update your anti-virus programs for the “Welchia” (the “white hat”) worm, a far more disruptive and damaging program designed by either an ignorant or a malicious individual.

3. Protect yourself against the Sobig.f worm. The most dangerous strain of this intelligent virus has exploded on the scene in the past 2 days and is infecting computers while masking its origin, opening backdoors into infected machines and executing arbitrary programs at specific times.

The Sobig.f worm is really the most serious threat here, because of its ability to compromise your privacy and run any software on your machine, says Claudiu Popa, business security advisor and president of Toronto-Based Informatica Corporation.

It emphasizes the need for both businesses and individuals to take a look at the way they manage their Internet access, email and data backups to avoid being affected and taking part in the unnecessary hype.

Quick tips for small businesses:

1. create internal policies for email use and data backup/recovery

2. keep people informed: communicate these policies to all staff

3. definitions are up to date

4. tweak firewall policies to control Internet and network traffic,

especially outgoing traffic.

Urgent note to system administrators: Configure your gateways to NOT send auto-replies for the SOBIG.F worm to reduce Internet traffic.

Claudiu Popa helps businesses understand and control security issues. A trusted advisor by Canadian organizations, Claudiu helps protect vital information assets through policies, awareness and good old-fashioned expertise. He can be reached at [email protected]


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