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aurora watch concept: laser o’clock

Ah, product designers. You and your neat concepts and even neater illustrations. Never asking “What’s possible?”, but instead, “What’s awesome?”, which is a pretty good mentality if you ask me. Here’s one of your brethren’s deliciously high-tech idea for a timepiece: a watch whose minute and hour hands are lasers. LASERS!

aurora watch concept

Jihun Yeom’s Aurora watch looks like a watch without the actual watch in the middle – in short, there’s a hole where the actual timepiece should be. But if you tap its bezel, the red minute laser hand and the blue hour laser hand appear. In other words, if you’re other hand isn’t free, then you won’t be able to activate it. Too impractical? Maybe. Impossible? Probably. Do I want one? Definitely.

[via The Awesomer]

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nintendo filed patent for touch screen steering wheel: cool or stupid?

I don’t own a Nintendo DS, so this time I’m not being sarcastic: DS owners, do you think controlling vehicles on your portable would be more fun if you had a virtual steering wheel? Because it seems that Nintendo thinks that it’s a great idea: the company filed a patent for a “Driving Game Steering Wheel Simulation Method and Apparatus” last November.


You can check out the full details at the USPTO’s website, but here’s the short version: it’s a touch screen steering wheel, apparently for a portable gaming device, as shown in the above sketches. It may be controlled using either a stylus or fingers. It may have support for vibration. The steering’s sensitivity may be adjustable.

If you ask me, I think a stylus-controlled steering wheel is a dumb, dumb, DUMB idea. The whole point of the interface is to make a driving game more “natural”; why add it if you’re going to gimp it with a mediating tool, i.e. the stylus? But as I said, I’ve never used a DS, so maybe I’m wrong.

[via Go Rumors via Gadgetizer]

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Essential Details On Hosting Providers

GoDaddy is number one for online place to receive the domain and the hosting-provider. Their excellent service and support of clients will help you to receive your business from a dead point in very deadlines.
Have 99, 9 % of time of trouble-free work guarantee that means that, when users want to visit your site which they can make it 99, 9 % of time. They also give you 24 / 7 round-the-clock technical support if you had problems or questions concerning your site.
Any person can receive the own domain and the hosting-provider. You do not need to be the owner of the company, and not business license to begin work is required to you. Usually it is necessary nearby $10, 00 to receive the domain name, and then it is your life or until you do not decide to renew it many times.
The account of hosting varies, because everyone has various requirements but if you only begin the business, you can receive the domain and a hosting under the price lower than $100, 00 for one year. If you do not want to buy a hosting for the whole year you can do monthly payments for $5.00 in a month, depending on the plan which you decide to go with.
If you plan creation of several sites in one market you even can adjust them within the limits of the same plan of a hosting, without any additional expenses for you. (It is not accessible with plan economy.)
If you do not want to receive a hosting, but would like a site, GoDaddy will pass your site free of charge under condition of purchase of the domain from them. Only falling of a free hosting is that they show the announcements in the top part of web page. It looks not so professionally, but this way if you study will not cost anything, and you can always pass to a paid hosting bill at any time.
The economic plan is the cheapest plan which you can receive which makes nearby $5, 00 or less in a month.
Plan Deluxe is intended for at what more than one domain, or if you have the great volume of the traffic. This plan can be bought for $7.00 in a month or less.
Then there is a limitless of the tariff plan, it is the ideal plan, if you have the big business with a considerable quantity of employees which work for you. Cost of this plan makes $15, 00 in a month or less.
All three plans will give you tools to help you to begin an own forum, free baskets, electronic commerce and many other things.
So, if the beginning of online business is your dream, GoDaddy places to start the work.
Accessible a web hosting with GoDaddy

Nowadays many companies hide behind what seems to be a lovely notion as best web hosting. Despite the fact that this positive notion sells nicely, the term of best web hosting is really vague.

What is in the nutshell?

Surely one can talk about uptime, reliability, service support, peculiar technical features – and all that things will be up to the point. But best web hosting is far beyond, and in simple terms this is about the place where you have no problems when hosting your website or blog.

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