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alien invader: 2 aliens, 1 shirt

Are you a movie buff and an avid arcade gamer? Then get the Alien Invader t-shirt and represent.

alien invader shirt

The shirt is available at Woot; $15 (USD) gets you an Alien chestbursterized Space Invader. Shirt only comes in one color: In Space No One Can Hear You Blip Black.

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sidearm with a sidekick: armatix pistol unlocks via wristwatch

One of the more interesting items at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is a .22-caliber pistol with a high-tech safety feature. Made by German company Armatix, the pistol will only fire if it is within a few inches of a special wristwatch, which sends a “wireless arming signal” to the pistol.

armatix .22 pistol 1

An LED at the back of the pistol flashes green to signify that it is unlocked; the LED turns red when the arming signal is not detected.

armatix .22 pistol 2

The Armatix website describes a highly similar concept for a gun, but adds that not only will the gun be tied to a specific wristwatch, the wristwatch will be paired to a specific fingerprint as well. I’m not sure if the actual gun-watch combo has this functionality. A limited edition version of the high-tech pistol will be available starting next month for €7,000 (approx. $9,700 USD).

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How Reliable Small Business Web Hosting Services can explode Sales

Small business web hosting services is one of the most important in establishing your business presence online. If you do not select a reliable web hosting service, you will not be able to establish an online presence in good standing. A reliable website hosting company will provide you with minimal downtime web server, 24 / 7 customer service and technical support, and be able to offer you a fast webserver with the latest software and technology. Without these features, will be a step behind its competition, which is something you can not pay online.

How Web Site Hosting can explode your sales
If you operate a business from home or a real business that has a place of sale, can expand and explode their sales many times for having a website on the Internet. To have a website, you will need to have to create, register a domain name and get a Web hosting service for small businesses. If you have products to sell, a website on the Internet can be a great way to expand their sales revenue. If you are a service provider, creating a website can be an excellent way to attract new clients and bringing new ride in traffic to your business. More than two thirds of all Internet searches are for local businesses and information on businesses. If you do not have a website created and indexed in the search engines properly, they are losing an absolutely enormous revenue potential that other companies are making millions of dollars every day.

The ease of establishing a presence in New Web Site
Many small businesses believe it is too expensive to create a website on the Internet. You can actually have a website that runs tomorrow for $ 20 or less. The first step is to purchase a domain name and web site and find a reliable hosting service for businesses. This step will cost $ 20 or less. About $ 10 of that cover an entire year of domain name registration and $ 5.8 will cover one month's worth of website hosting services. You can get cheaper website hosting payable for a long period of time in advance, but can pay monthly with many of the companies. After completing these steps, you will be able to create the content for your site. Many small businesses believe that you have to pay thousands of dollars to get a professional website. Fortunately, this is not the case at all, although if you hire someone a custom design for you. Search the Internet for free scripts content management, if you're going to have some kind of constantly updated content on your site. If you are going to be selling products, search for free scripts for electronic commerce. To visit the site background information, you may be able to continue the search for a website template that will do the design work for you and let you add the relevant text. Despite what your needs are, there's usually a way to do it for free if you look around it and spend a little time and effort in making it happen. Do not cheap out on their small business site hosting yes – stick with an industry leading company that will provide the best. How much cheaper only save you a few dollars a month at most, so it is best to go with something that will help leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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