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Thesis Ups Its Game With New Design Options

This blog is designed using the Thesis Premium WordPress theme, and I am so in love with the product that I am an affiliate for the theme. (In a previous article, I tell you why I promote the HELL out of Thesis. The short answer: I love what Chris Pearson did for Copyblogger.com over the years, and this is my chance to have quality design and powerful SEO tools built into my blog.)

The new design options are spectacular. They answer a few people’s concerns that thesis can look pretty similar when just turned on and applied to your blog. There’s a video showing you some of the design options here:

Click here if you can’t see it.

This will give you a bit more design control. The thing is, MOST people use Thesis as a starting point and then use a designer to make it pretty. I can strongly recommend WeFixWP and Coffeehouse Ideas as two groups who can up your design.

Anyhow, if you want to pick up my vote for the best wordpress theme out there, and if you want to earn me three beers worth of loot for doing so, check out Thesis and get the best SEO boost your site’s had in a while mixed with flexible design and features that I feel improve the performance and the presentation of your site.

There are many other great WordPress themes out there. I’m supporting Thesis because I like the team, I like what it does for my blog, and I believe a quality theme goes a long way towards earning me more success.

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Begin To Earn Money From Domain Name Via Domain Cash Parking

Whether one has no money, a little or a lot in the bank, there is always the desire to earn more. Have you ever wondered how the Internet can help increase your earnings? If you are one who enjoys learning new trades, then you may actually earn money from name via cash parking.

The first step to cash parking is to have a to park. Second is to find a place where to park it. Now what is a ? It is the address to your . It is the name between the www, com and the two dots in the URL. The most common names would probably be yahoo and google.

You can own a name by either creating and registering one; or buying and transferring one to your name and then registering it. Registrations are done through official Internet registrars. There are a number of registrars available on line. You may need to pay something like ten dollars to register a . Once registered, nobody else will be able to use that name to create a .

One important thing to remember in buying a name is to check and make sure that it has not been banned due to spamming. Otherwise, search engines will not be able to locate your . These steps are easy to follow finding the data.

After you have registered your , choose a site that will you page. The , or service provider, supports your undeveloped . Advertisements are placed on your page. These advertisers who are looking for exposure will be paying on a per click basis. Therefore, it is important to choose a name really well as the success of your parked will depend on how often search engines can direct traffic to your site. Some service providers will charge you for parking. The others who will provide the service for free and will be earning solely from the profit sharing scheme that is common to all cash parking clients and hosts.

Although you will be sharing the income with your , the good thing is you do not have to spend time and money putting content or maintaining your site. In summary, cash parking benefits four sectors. First, the general public who is pointed to links and pages relevant to what was originally being searched for.

Second, the advertiser who is seeking exposure. Third, the site or the parking service provider which also earns from the clicks to the pages of the advertisers aside from the fee you pay. Last but not least: you.

Now you understand move about How to earn money from name via cash parking you can turn your undeveloped websites into money making investments. If you have never really gotten into registering any names, then perhaps it is time you consider doing so; and start parking them for limitless additional cash flow possibilities. Just remember, choosing the right name is very important. Everything will start there. Choose a name that search engines will easily find. If you need to, do some research.

Dhruv Patel is a customer of DreamHost. He has created site to help new DreamHost customers and to promote DreamHost by giving DreamHost coupon. You can also find detailed DreamHost review there.

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Teaching In The Next Way

laptop kids I love this interview that Shel Israel did with Howard Rheingold (a favorite author). Partway down the interview, Howard goes into some of what he does for teaching with modern tools. I ripped this part out. Check out what Howard does:

One strategy is to have only the student co-teaching team keep their laptops open while they are helping me lead the class; one member of the team makes notes on the wiki, sketching in top-level headings that the other students will fill in AFTER class, another member of the team identifies words for the lexicon and adds them to the wiki (and again the class, as a whole, fills in the definitions before the next class), and a third member of the team looks up sites online and projects them (I have three screens in my classroom at Stanford).

You can read the whole interview here. I’m grateful to Shel Israel for getting this out of Howard. Nicely done, sir.

Photo credit One Laptop Per Child

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