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Simple Is Best

lemonade stand We marketed Trust Agents in a fairly straightforward way. We didn’t create Twitter visualization apps with floating TwitPics and Flickr groups of people holding up the book (though I love every photo we see of you and/or the book). We didn’t build a very elaborate website, but felt there should be something there.

In fact, nothing we did was especially earth shattering.

Except it was.

We asked you to buy the book. We asked you to point out to your friends or colleagues the book if you felt they could use it. We thanked you via Twitter and Facebook and email and whatever other way you reached back to us to tell us you were reading it, that you liked it, that you found the “zbecause” typo on page 125.

Evaluate HOW You View Social Tools

A lot of times, agencies and consultants make things complex. We do this because we’re worried that people won’t think what we’re offering is important. Know what’s important? Sales. Basic things like getting the product into the right hands helps. Making relationships that matter when you need them is key.

The tools aren’t cool because they’re the new shiny object. They’re cool because they let you work more closely with people. It’s an opportunity to create relationships that matter, and a chance to do so in a very nuanced and human fashion.

You’ve got some great opportunities out there to help companies (or your own business or organization) move some needles using these tools. Think simple. Think simple first. Work with every tool from the perspective of what you really need to see happen, and then decide which tools accomplish that.


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The New MSN Bing Comeback

by Marcus Moolan

Microsoft it seems had run out of names to use for it . First it was MSN Search then, Microsoft Search, followed by the awkward Live Search (or was it Windows Live Search?). Rumours were circulating about a certain project as Microsofts answer to Google and before people could figure out what language was from, there came Microsofts announcement on June 1st. Bing was live.

The interface has certainly improved with lesser cluttered and easily lined search categories (Images, Videos, Shopping, News, Maps, and More) over the search bar. Bing also lets you enter your queries without wasting any time loading the image.

The explorer section which opens in the left pane after each search query gives a list of related searches tied to the keyword, using Microsoft’s last year acquisition, Powersets semantic technology. But it only recognizes the most popular or a certain Binged list of keywords and turns them out on top. Searches with keywords like, I hate puppies turned out absolutely no related searches, while Michael Jackson was a search favorite with an incredibly detailed list of his videos, songs and more.

Bing is a boon to Shopaholics Anonymous with its Cashback scheme and links to Expert and User reviews as well as Local links and More Listings. However some of these features are hidden so well, you have got to wonder if Microsoft’s habit of shoving everything un-necessary in your face and hiding the best features will ever die out.

Bing Travel, an amalgam of MSN travel and Farecast has a smooth interface with the ability to check for the cheapest flights available and a price grading for your ticket, telling you to buy a ticket if its going to get cheaper. However expect some changes in the layout and interface, since Kayak has rightly claimed that the site design is too similar to its own.

News is an area where Google wins hands down. Bing offers to break down searches into Location and Category, however Time tagged searches would have been much more powerful and would have given Bing a much more editorial feel Bing is Microsofts big splash into the heavily indexed market of information, which has been run by Google, for too long. Bing should offer Google some competition and force Google to improve its standards, which seem to be slipping these days. Though it is tough to wean away determined Googlers- keep an eye out for Bing

About the Author:
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Birds on a Wire – Reviewing Twitter Books

I’m going to get right down to it. I looked at SIX different books about Twitter all in a big pop. Here’s a quick list of the book titles, then the video, and then a link to pick up the books if you want to know more:

The Twitter Books I Reviewed


twitter for dummies

the world according to twitter

twitter for business : twitter for friends

all a twitter


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